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The Housing Choice Voucher program (HCV) is a tenant-based program that is funded by the Department of Local Affairs Division of Housing. It allows participants to find housing of their own including apartments, townhouses and single-family homes as long as the unit meets the standards of quality and safety as established by HUD. Since the HCV program is tenant based it allows participants to move without losing assistance.

How it Works

  • People who receive Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers from the Center Toward Self-Reliance find their own rental housing and use the vouchers to help pay for a portion of the total rent.
  • The voucher is for a specific amount. The tenant is responsible for the remainder of the rent.
  • The Center Toward Self-Reliance does not manage or own housing in this program. Locating suitable housing is the tenant’s responsibility.
  • Participants must have a disability to qualify for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher from the Center Toward Self-Reliance.
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