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We empower people with disabilities to function as independently as possible and to be active contributing members of society.
Asian boy with Down's syndrome is happily drawing a picture of an elephant in the garden.Drawing, Art Therapy

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"I have a big, huge power chair I can't take anywhere, I couldn't get it in my vehicle - now we can go camping and do things that I couldn't do before." - Chad Graham

The Center Toward Self Reliance gifted a wheelchair accessible van that will not only get Chad to and from where he needs to go, but it also will help him with this efforts in shuttling other wheelchair-bound people to their out-of-town appointments.


Chad Graham with this new wheelchair accessible van
"This is a lifeline for me, it really is. I want to get out and I want to be able to see the stars and the sun - I want to go to the duck park and do some fishing on the river" - Samuel Ketchum

Samuel ‘Spud’ Ketchum spent his career as a trucker, driving more than five million miles in 35 years, but because of significant health impairments, he’s been homebound the last 11 years. Thanks to the Center Toward Self-Reliance, Ketchum now has a way to leave his house with a heavy-duty motorized wheelchair, a donation that was orchestrated by Ketchum’s brother, Kent Ketchum, and Joe Sims, an independent living specialist for CTSR.


Larry and Mr. and Kathy Wade are both diagnosed as being severely/profoundly deaf. They were in search of assistance to upgrade their home fire alarm system that was old, outdated and not functioning. We worked together to apply to Friends of Man and in a few months the Wades received an award from (FOM) to install a wireless fire alarm system in their home.

Over the months the Center Toward Self Reliance also provided new hearing aids to the couple. Both the Wades are very responsible people and though they are completely deaf; they strive to retain their independence. Kathy’s only form of communication is sign-language. Because she has no speech, she depends on Larry to explain circumstances then adds her opinion by signing. When searching for documentation needed for the (A.V. H. T.) application Larry would ask Kathy for the needed Information and she would retrieve it from her system of record keeping. The Wades kindly complement each other. With assistance, the Wades applied separately to A. V. Hunter Trust and each received $2000.00 toward the purchase of their new hearing aids.

We are now working together in the process of searching other sources and have applied to Travelers Protection Association (TPAHQ) for the outstanding cost of the much-needed hearing aids. Mr. and Mrs. Wade do not give up and know these assistive devices will make a difference in their lives.


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