Eyeglasses Assistance

Individuals under Medicaid/Medicare may receive a voucher that covers the cost of the frame and lenses only.
  • Please note that frame selection is limited and any upgrades such as tints, coatings, ect. will be charged to the patient at normal retail rates.
  •  There will be a $20 charge for bi-focal lenses.
  • Individuals are still responsible for paying co-pay fees.

Home Modifications

Our modifications team may install ramps or grab bars contingent to state funding approval

Clothing Assistance

Our center now provides clothing for those in need.
  • Must be a consumer of our center 
  • Can only receive clothing twice/year: (Summer and Fall)

For more informaiton, please contact our staff:

Judy Nicholson
Case Services Manager

  • 719-546-1271 Ext 1016
  • jnicholson@ilcpueblo.org